Result of State Council for Technical Education
Jan-June 2009 Regular Backlog

Rechecking I & Rechecking II

July-Dec 2009 Regular Backlog  
Jan-June 2010 Regular Backlog Corrigendum
July-Dec 2010 Regular Backlog Rechecking
Jan-June 2011 Regular Backlog Rechecking
July-Dec 2011 Regular Backlog Rechecking
Jan - June 2012 Regular Backlog Rechecking1 | Rechecking of result as per notification no. ED/HE(TE)/2006/17, dated: 26/07/2012 [Click for details] | Notification No. ED/HE(TE)/12006/17 Rechecking3
July - Dec 2012 Regular Backlog Result of rechecking (July-Dec'12) - [Click here]
Jan - June 2013 Regular Backlog [Recheking1] [Recheking2] [Recheking3]
July - Dec 2013 Regular Backlog

Result of Rechecking (July-Dec'13) [Click here]

Result of Rechecking (July-Dec'13) - Part - I [Click here]

Jan - June 2014 Regular Backlog Result of IInd and IVth Semester declared.[Rechecking Result July-Dec-14]
Jul - Dec 2014 Regular Backlog  
Jan - June 2015 Regular Backlog Result of Rechecking Jan-June 2015
Jul - Dec 2015 Regular Backlog APSCTE-Recheking result July-Dec'15
Jan - June 2016 Regular Backlog Lateral Entry | Result of Rechecking of APSCTE
July - Dec 2016 Regular Backlog Lateral Entry | Result of Rechecking of APSCTE
Jan - June 2017 Regular Backlog LATERAL ENTRY
Result of Arunachal Pradesh Joint Entrance Examination of various years
2006 PCM PCB Diploma
2007 PCM PCB Diploma
2008 PCM PCB Diploma
2009 PCM PCB Diploma
2010 PCM PCB Diploma
  PCM [Cat-I]      [Cat-II]     [Cat-III]     [Cat-IV]
  PCB [Cat-I]      [Cat-II]     [Cat-III]     [Cat-IV]
  DIPLOMA [Cat-I]      [Cat-II]     [Cat-III]     [Cat-IV]
  PCM [Cat-I]      [Cat-II]     [Cat-III]     [Cat-IV]
  PCB [Cat-I]      [Cat-II]     [Cat-III]     [Cat-IV]
  DIPLOMA [Cat-I]      [Cat-II]     [Cat-III]     [Cat-IV]
2013 PCB Diploma
2014 PCB Diploma
2015 PCB Diploma
2016 PCB Diploma
2017 PCB Diploma


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